Passenger Referral Card Front

Get Your Referral Cards Early

Passenger Referral Card (Blank) One of my mentees began having transmission issues just as soon she passed her background check and was approved to take her first ride. Yikes. Her vehicle was otherwise fine but money was tight and she was having trouble getting capital to fix the transmission and get started. She happens to be a bartender so I suggested the following steps:

  1. Get approved to drive
  2. Ask for your personal referral code (e.g. JUSTIN6286)
  3. Order referral cards or print your own ASAP
  4. Hand them out at the bar and start getting those referral bonuses to pay your way back onto the road

A few things that may not be obvious: Referral cards do not come in the welcome kit. This is why I urged her to get that code and order those cards instead of waiting. Every Lyft driver should do this Day 1 if they are serious about promoting. At the time of this writing, Lyft offers a free $25 ride to anyone who downloads the app, so really emphasize to those that you refer that they should enter your code so you get the bonus. [sc:post_footer_ads]