This guide is written by a Lyft mentor and is intended to be a shopping guide for things you may need to complete your first 30 rides (and so on.)

Some items mentioned here can be found and purchased on I’ve compiled a wish list for you. 

Phone Mount – This is must have. Passengers will give you no respect at all if you have to take your hands off the wheel to adjust the angle of your phone or pick it up to look at it.  If you value your life, the safety of your passengers, your sense of professionalism, or your driver rating, you will get a phone mount. It will pay for itself immediately. (Tip:  Daiso Japan–the dollar store chain sprinkled about Los Angeles–has an automotive section. They sometimes sell at least one good spring-loaded phone mount for $1.50 at most locations.  They don’t always have the right model so if you want to save the trip and go pro just get a phone mount online.)

Phone Chargers (for yourself and others)

You need to keep your phone charged so you can use the Lyft app and GPS navigation while driving. Whatever phone model you have, I recommend that you have an extra cable for passengers so that you do not have to unplug yours. This reduces the wear and tear of your own belongings as much as possible. Also, the moment your cable stops working and you can’t charge your phone you are going to be desperate for a spare cable and it could kill your earnings for an entire evening if you don’t have it. Be smart and stock up.

Cables that passengers ask for (IMO):

iPhone 5 – 70%
iPhone 4 – 20%
Android – 10%

Bright Flashlight for inspecting for damage.


Obviously play your own. Pinback happens to be my secret weapon for Lyft ambiance. I get a lot of recognition and compliments or inquiries.  I play the entire Pinback collection on loop.

Misc. Other things to consider:

Air Fresheners



Towels (for emergencies)

Febreeze / Woolite (for emergencies) (for taxes). There is no special magic for this recommendation. It just keeps track of your income and spending habits and helps you do your taxes.



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