Best Air Fresheners

Hands down the best air freshener for your car is Cucumber Melon by Refresh. I get nothing but compliments the instant that people enter my car.

I have gone to many retail locations and I have sampled all of the options. Cucumber melon is both the most pleasing and the least offensive air freshener available. It is the only one that doesn’t on some level smell like chemicals. It instead smells like somewhere between fruit and fragrance.

In my experience, the smell is so delicate that you may not think it is strong enough. For some, this is great. Some people like a delicate. Myself included. However, should you want to, this design I have specifically linked allows you to rip the top off and remove the rate limiter that is inside. Passengers can now live their fantasy of cruising around inside of a hollowed out Jolly Rancher. Yum.