5 Steps to Getting Extra Money With Lyft and Uber

Although I prefer to drive for Lyft, Uber will give you a considerable amount of money for just trying them out. They will give you even more money if you are Lyft driver first. Whether you continue to drive for them or you take the money and run is entirely up to you. You can make almost $1000 just trying out Lyft and Uber, in a matter of days.

Here is best path to make the most money:

  1. Sign up for Lyft first by using this link: http://lyft.com/drivers/justin6286
  2. Complete the 20 rides in 30 days requirement to receive a signing bonus of $250.*
  3. Once you achieve the bonus, sign up for Uber second using this link: https://get.uber.com/cl/rideshare/?invite_code=nwgre
  4. Complete the 25 rides in 30 days requirement to receive a signing bonus of $500 for having signed up as an existing Rideshare driver.*
  5. Once you are an established driver for both of these services (Uber calls drivers “Partners”), you should learn your referral codes and use them to earn extra cash. Print out business cards and promote Lyft. You get signing bonuses ($10-250*) for referring passengers and drivers from this point forward, which can be great if you work with people who need rides, such as a bartender.

Make sure you harass Lyft and Uber about the bonus money and do not let them avoid paying you. They are running a completely legal promotion and if you complete the criteria then you deserve to be paid. I recommend you print this page and complete the steps.

If you have any trouble along the way, you can contact their support at:

AND support@uber.com

I know you can do it. 🙂

*Some details subject to change based on location and market.

Best Air Fresheners

Hands down the best air freshener for your car is Cucumber Melon by Refresh. I get nothing but compliments the instant that people enter my car.

I have gone to many retail locations and I have sampled all of the options. Cucumber melon is both the most pleasing and the least offensive air freshener available. It is the only one that doesn’t on some level smell like chemicals. It instead smells like somewhere between fruit and fragrance.

In my experience, the smell is so delicate that you may not think it is strong enough. For some, this is great. Some people like a delicate. Myself included. However, should you want to, this design I have specifically linked allows you to rip the top off and remove the rate limiter that is inside. Passengers can now live their fantasy of cruising around inside of a hollowed out Jolly Rancher. Yum.

Passenger Referral Card Front

Get Your Referral Cards Early

Passenger Referral Card (Blank) One of my mentees began having transmission issues just as soon she passed her background check and was approved to take her first ride. Yikes. Her vehicle was otherwise fine but money was tight and she was having trouble getting capital to fix the transmission and get started. She happens to be a bartender so I suggested the following steps:

  1. Get approved to drive
  2. Ask support@lyft.com for your personal referral code (e.g. JUSTIN6286)
  3. Order referral cards or print your own ASAP
  4. Hand them out at the bar and start getting those referral bonuses to pay your way back onto the road

A few things that may not be obvious: Referral cards do not come in the welcome kit. This is why I urged her to get that code and order those cards instead of waiting. Every Lyft driver should do this Day 1 if they are serious about promoting. At the time of this writing, Lyft offers a free $25 ride to anyone who downloads the app, so really emphasize to those that you refer that they should enter your code so you get the bonus. [sc:post_footer_ads]

Welcome Kit Unpacked

What Does the Welcome Kit Contain?

(Information in this article is subject to change and should never be used to replace any information provided by the Lyft FAQs.)

Welcome Kit Box

Welcome Kit Box

The welcome kit is a box sent to a new driver after they successfully complete 30 rides and become welcomed into the community. I was surprised when I received my kit that the welcome kit does not contain passenger referral cards. That was the moment I decided to write this article.

What the Welcome Kit Contains:

Welcome Kit Unpacked

Welcome Kit Unpacked

  • 1x Giant pink mustache to attach to the front of your vehicle. (Otherwise known as a trade dress.) [Update: Mustache has been replaced with a “Cuddlestash” stuffed toy mustache that goes on the dashboard. It is trade dress approved.]
  • 1x Lyft Sticker (two if you can peel the one off the front of the box…good luck)
  • 1x Booklet of ~20 referral cards for more drivers.
  • 1x Lyft Bingo card
  • 1x 6-ft male-to-male auxiliary cable (think headphone jack)
    6ft Aux Cable
  • 1x USB charger with 2 slots
    Dual USB Power Adapter
  • 1x Mount for your phone
    Welcome Kit Phone Mount

What the Welcome Kit DOES NOT contain:

What you need before you get the kit:

Completing 30 rides safely with a high rating is impossible without a few items. I recommend that you look at this list of gear before you get started.